Adam is our leader and inspiration!

Always the first to have fun and help other guests feel at ease.

Fran is one of the directors and support workers here at the Arc

Fran will be the life and soul of your holiday.

An outgoing person who loves to make people laugh.

Linda when not keeping things ship shape behind the scenes, she will be there to support you.

Linda  is very caring and enthusiastic, always joins in the fun with you to help share your great holiday experiences.

Diane is a bubbly character with lots of ideas, energy and experience.

She always gives 100% effort to help guests get the most out of each and every aspect of their holiday.

You can count on her to being the first and last on the dance floor.


Jackie has been with us from the beginning.

Having previously worked for Lancashire County Council for 27 years, she has a wealth of knowledge and experience to bring to the team.

Outside of work Jackie enjoys travel and sport- often combining the two.